On Sunday I left the house on my own for the first time in 7 weeks. I went for a really long walk and wow, how nice it was to be alone with my thoughts and not be responsible for anyone else for just a few hours. I have really missed my walk to work and all the gorgeous gardens I see on the way so decided to head that way, choosing my favourite route this time, not the quickest one. But first, Sunday pancake breakfast. The very last tulips were on the table and the jug full of wild flowers I picked a week ago still going.

Checks on checks – my new Converse making me happy. And getting dressed properly and even putting on a bit of makeup. A nice change after what feels like a lifetime in loungewear.

Across the canal to look at the view. In the far distance you can see the Gherkin right in the middle of this photo. You can’t really walk on the towpath at the moment, completely impossible to maintain social distancing there. Look forward to being able to walk along the water again sometime in the future.

The rose borders in Victoria Park have just come into flower. Think this may be Queen of Sweden?

By 11 o’clock it was boiling hot and the scent of roses and jasmine heavy on the streets of Hackney. Once again, thank you to all the kind gardeners who put beautiful plants in their front gardens where lots of people can enjoy them.

First take away coffee in 5 weeks!

Poppies, gems and aquilegias in this wonderful front garden, love the mediterranian/cottage garden feel. Nothing wrong with mixing it up!

A rambling rose with a scent that would stop anyone in their tracks no matter how much of a hurry they were in. This rose trails along a brick wall and up a house and reaches across a good 10 metres. Highly recommend looking at ramblers to anyone choosing climbing roses. They have that wild look that I love, and as long as you have enough space they are a great option.

Happy me basically standing in the rose to fully gorge on that perfume.

Foxgloves out in force everywhere.

And here, the main event. This house with its amazing white wisteria is one of my all time favourites. If it ever comes up for sale and I happen to win the lottery the same week, well then I’ll have it. I like to walk past and have a look sometimes even though it is a detour. And this time of year when the wisteria is in flower, I always have to go and have a look. Was worried it was going to be over already but gosh, how beautiful it looked. The whole front garden is to die for, packed full of gorgeous things like foxgloves, peonies, nepeta and lots of climbers.

Just look at those flowers, best dangly earrings I ever saw.

It trails around the side of the house and carries on all along this wall. Beautifully trained and full of flowers.

The house used to be a pub and the old sign is still there.

From one closed pub to another. After all that Wisteria-related excitement, I could have done with a drink but of course that will have to wait a while longer. Gosh, how I long for a pub lunch. Just – can’t – wait!

Back home to the amazing cow parsley froth that Victoria Park treats us to at this time of year.

And a sit down in this spot to rest my tired legs. This is a new little corner of my garden, the perfect place to enjoy a drink in the evening. And that’s just what I did!

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