A gorgeous flower image always catches my gaze. A figure in the picture adds a sense of scale and time. I picture myself in that moment, in the image, with those flowers, in that mood. Wearing that dress. Take the woman out of the picture and it is no longer a moment – just flowers. The centuries are different but the flowers are the same.

By Xenie Zasetskaya, image via Blumenhaus Magazine.

Jane Birkin, posted by Laura Bailey.

In the Bey’s Garden by John Frederick Lewis (1865) from Watts Gallery.

Kate Bush having an Ophelia moment. From Paul Bench.

Peonies by William Merritt Chase (1889) from Lucy Davies.

By Mordehai Avraham, curated by Mert Alas.

Hans Thoma (1876) ‘Forest Meadow’, image from Roni Milla.

From Rakesprogress.

Stella Tennant photographed by Martin Parr in 2018. From Brit Peel.

‘London Fields’ print by Christoper Kane SS20, image by Vogue China.

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