I am having a gingham moment right now and I know I’m not the only one. Gingham checks are so fun and easy and go with with whatever look you have at home. Also, gingham fabric is easily accessible and very inexpensive so perfect if you want to get crafty and make something. A good thing to remember is that the cheapest gingham fabrics tend to be poly/cotton mix and they are less nice than the 100% cotton ones so do look out for those. Or go with linen if you want something with more body. This amazing frilly tablecloth from PROJEKTITYYNY would be so perfect for an easter table. This would be super easy to make at home too, perhaps mixing the size of the gingham – large check for the flat bit and small check for the frill.

Laura Jackson’s frilly cushion is pretty dreamy too. Love the gingham mixed back with stripes.

Olive large gingham tablecloth in the beautiful home of Linda Ring.

This is too gorgeous. Brown gingham – yum! From Serena Fresson. Definitely on my shopping list.

Also love gingham in this less cutesy way, adding interest to this scene from Colin King. So good with the graphic artwork and the little monochrome check in front.

But the one that really makes my heart flutter and want to get the sewing machine out straight away is this from Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler. Patchwork gingham – genius. I have tons of different gingham offcuts lying around and this will be a perfect way of using them up. Will be making a version of this very soon!

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