This time last year we had an amazing weekend away in Cornwall. I thought that since trips are now out of the question for most of us, I would revisit these photographs and share them. There will be a time not too far away when we are allowed to go places again, and perhaps this could be a bit of inspiration for then.

The drive from London to Cornwall is very, very long. The closer you get the smaller the roads are. It is a challenge, but the reward once you get there is true tranquility and a landscape of amazing beauty and variety. Arriving at this picture perfect little cottage after too many hours in the car felt like a dream. It was at the bottom of a valley, on the edge of beautiful woodland and there was a little stream running right in front of the garden. We had foraged nettle and wild garlic soup with duck eggs for supper that night, a meal that my six year old son still talks about with a glimmer in his eyes.

Thick walls and old flagstone floors, cosy blankets in every room and of course a fire going at all times.

Speaking of small roads – this is the lane you had to go down to get to the cottage. Interesting. The directions read like this: look out for a sign that says ‘Road not suitable for vehicles’. Go down that road.

Spring flowers in every window.

And lots of primroses on the slope behind the cottage. One day I heard a hissing noise whilst walking right here – it was an adder sunning itself against the wall of the house! I have never seen a snake in the wild in the UK before, it really made me jump.

The view from the top of the valley. I love this time of year when you can almost hear all the buds bursting into life.

We had some gorgeous sunny, misty days. Perfect for walks and pubs.

The stream at the bottom of the valley, very Wind in the Willows! Was half expecting Ratty and Mole to appear.

And five minutes drive away from the cottage, the coast with these awe-inspiring and at the same time terrifying cliffs. A sheer drop of 50 metres – must make sure to stay on the path when walking here.

One day we went to Tintagel, a small coastal village with a medieval castle ruin set on a clifftop. This is the Old Post Office in the village, a building dating back to 1380 which is now run as a museum by the National Trust.

Beautiful rooms inside. Crochet blanket of dreams on top of that bed.

Windowsill flowers everywhere here too, how lovely is this with the copper jug at the back.

And out the back, a sweet little cottage garden. Lovely memories to reflect on these days when the world has temporarily shrunk to bedroom, kitchen, sitting room and garden. What a feeling it will be when we can once again get in a car, leave London, drive to the countryside and walk into a pub. That thought will keep me going for another while yet.


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