On my mantelpiece right now, the first proper bunch of flowers from the garden for the year. A strange mix really – who would expect to be picking tulips and plum blossom at the same time? But quite gorgeous nonetheless. I have never been more thankful for having my garden than right now when life is suddenly restricted to the home. What a privilege to have the space to be outside and remain at a safe distance from others, and also to be able to bring the outside in to put in a vase.

The tulips are leftovers from last year, not part of this year’s display. I found the bulbs in various pots and just chucked them into a patch of soil at the back of the garden to see what happened. And here they are! On that note, I think very late bulb planting is going to be my strategy going forward. Otherwise, with this mild weather we seem to be having every year now, I think they will just come into flower too early. I don’t want my tulips to flower in March, really they should not be happening until the end of April. So I’m thinking that if I leave the build planting to the very last moment, they will not peak too soon. Now, in reality, this doesn’t change anything since I am always super last minute with this job anyway, but I guess I won’t have to feel stressed about it anymore if I decide that this was my plan all along.

The narcissi smell divine. The blossom will be shedding all those little petals within a few days but I will put up with the extra hoovering. The first of many garden flower bunches to come I hope!

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