Look what the postman brought! I don’t grow that much from seed, mainly because I don’t have any good windowsills in the house to keep seedlings on. And when I did a stock check the other day to see what seeds were left over from last year, I realised that actually I didn’t really need to get anything new. But of course I couldn’t resist getting a few lovely things to add to the bunch. Here is what I got from Sarah Raven.

Poppy ‘Candy Floss”. Soft pink frothy pompom type flowers which are supposed to have a bit of a vase life, unusual for a poppy. I don’t seem to have to much luck with poppies in this garden so if I get some of these beauties, I will be over the moon!

Harlequin Sweet Pea Mix. Love these colours and my favourite sweet pea Matucana is included. I don’t have room for tons of sweet peas so getting just one packet like this makes sense.

Sweet Pea ‘Earl Grey’. Really drawn to these amazing looking purple marl flowers, do they really look like that in real life? Will have to wait and find out in a few months.

Tithonia ‘Torch”. Have never grown Tithonia before but I think they look brilliant so decided to have a try. It might not be sunny enough for them here but let’s see how it goes. This is for the new beds at the back of the garden where I have hot colours.

Poppy ‘Ladybird’. These are not for my garden but for scattering here and there around town. Some will go in the park opposite our house and I will keep the rest in my bag and sow them as I go along. Love a bit of guerrilla gardening and it is always fun to see if any poppies appear.

So now I know what I will be doing at the weekend. Instagram tells me everyone else has started sowing months ago but really, there is no rush. I always end up with leggy seedlings if I start early so now seems like just the right time.

One thought on “IN THE POST

  1. Hi Stina! Love what you chose – I got the Earl Grey sweet pea too, and I’m part of those people who sowed in February 🙂 so now the seedlings are outside, as I saw on a gardener’s instagram that the secret for great sweet peas is to plant them very early so that they grow strong roots. I’ve got to buy bamboo sticks to build some kind of tipi. I love your guerilla gardening!! That’s so great and it must make you so happy to see your seeds flowering!


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