On a windy day in Yorkshire, we headed off for a country walk. We downloaded the walk map and directions from the North Yorkshire Moors website. The route we chose is called ‘Mallyan Spout and Beck Hole’, such an evocative name. After a short drive down from the top of the moors, we started off by going further down into the valley.

To find a crashing river, several metres wide and more noisy than you can imagine.

And around the corner, after negotiating a precarious rocky path – a waterfall! This is Mallyan Spout, 21.3 metres high and really very beautiful.

Across the stepping stones without getting wet feet. This was a real adventure for a five year old, and quite an adventure for me too.

After all that excitement, some peaceful strolling whilst watching the sheep grazing in the field. This kind of view always leads to my husband talking about Sunday lunch…he is no vegetarian.

Past this farmhouse in it’s idyllic location.

Snowdrops nodding in the wind by the stream.

And the dreamiest little cottage on the edge of the field. After that, a pint in the tiniest village pub I have ever seen, then back to the hotel to warm up by the fire. And to clean three pairs of muddy boots. England is amazing in summertime, but really beautiful in winter too.

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