We are back from a lovely half term break in Yorkshire in the north of England. The weather forecast for the week was bleak to say the least so I was fully prepared to stay inside by the fire all the time but actually, it turned out ok and we even had the odd glimpse of sunshine. Lots to show from the trip but right now I just wanted to share a top tip on how to feel at home when staying in a hotel – get some flowers for the room. If, like me, you always have fresh flowers at home it is really lovely to do the same when you are away. In front of this beautiful window in our bedroom at the Talbot in Malton where we stayed was a giant TV. It took me about five minutes to replace it with some gorgeous Mimosa and daffodils – much better!

My impossibly cosy bedside, made even sweeter by the bunch of daffodils I bought from a market stall in beautiful York. I always love looking around markets when I’m away but it is so frustrating not to be able to buy things you like because of tiny baggage allowances. Perfect then to visit the flower stall and take a bunch of blooms back to the hotel room – you feel like local when carrying them around too. Love it.

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