A beautiful house with a lake in front and the most romantic of gardens to go with it – Gresgarth Hall has been on my list places I would like to visit for ages. Last week Nowness published a short film about Arabella Lennox-Boyd who lives there and created the garden and now I feel like I must visit as soon as possible! Totally inspiring to hear Arabella speak about her affinity with plants and how she will go on planting trees for at least another ten years.

As well as the garden at her Lancashire Home, Arabella Lennox-Boyd has been designing award-winning public and private gardens for over four decades with a client list that includes royalty and A-list celebrities. She has also made an amazing looking garden at Palazzo Parisi, her Italian childhood home which is available for hire. Dream holiday location.

A garden by a stream – can it get more picturesque than that? If you have five minutes to spare, do make your self a cup of tea and have look at the film about Arabella here. Enjoy!

All photos by @montgomeryphoto for @houseandgardenuk.

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