Sunday was a stormy day and judging from the empty streets of London, most people decided to stay inside. But we ventured out, first to visit the postal museum which was really fun and made me feel even more strongly about the beauty of letters. Then on to the highlight of the day – lunch at the Eagle. This humble looking place was the original food pub, first opened in 1991 when pubs were not places where anyone with a reasonable palate would consider eating. Since then a thousand similar establishments have cropped up and I’m sure lots of us are thankful for it! Nothing better than a good Sunday lunch in a pub with a pint of something tasty to go with it.

We used to visit the Eagle regularly when we lived in Clerkenwell many years ago but then we sort of forgot about it and didn’t go for about 10 years. But one day last year we decided to go back and were so happy to discover that it is still as good as it used to be. Menu scribbled on a chalk board, the crowded dining room full of groups of friends catching up and people reading the Sunday paper. The most relaxed and wonderfully comforting ambience. The odd person turns up for just a drink but really, this place is all about the food. Simple dishes but just so, so delicious.

Back when we were young and carefree, I remember seeing families enjoying Sunday lunch in this pub, reading the paper and discussing the stories or perhaps doing the crossword together. No phones in sight for sure. It seemed so very civilised and lovely. Now I feel like I have to pinch myself to be sitting there with my own family doing just that. A perfect way to spend a stormy Sunday.

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