On Friday the snowdrops I ordered a few weeks ago arrived. This is what they look like when you buy them ‘in the green’, complete with flowers and all! Most exciting mail I have had for a long time. This week I have seen so many lovely photos of snowdrops that have been picked and put in tiny vases inside the house, and I am so happy that hopefully next year I will be able to do the same.

I planted the snowdrops today, they all went into one corner of the lawn. I divided the 50 bulbs into three smaller bunches and sort of just shoved them in with the intention of creating a natural arrangement. Not sure how successful that was, but still, how satisfying this little gardening session was. Instant results! They are slightly floppy still but perhaps they will perk up over the next few days. I hope they will like it here and that in a few years time we will have some nice clumps of snowdrops to brighten up this dull first month of the year.

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