Sunshine and 12 degrees. First day out in the garden this year. The winter has been mild and wet, the ground is sodden. Tulips starting to poke their tips through the soil, Narcissi pots are looking promising. Fresh shoots on most of the roses but unsure about the two that were planted the year before last. Newly planted Olivia Rose Austin looks really good, lots and lots of shoots on that one.

First flower is opening up on the camellia. Jobs for the day: pruning roses and turning the compost heap. It was bone dry in the middle and won’t be ready until next year.

Roses pruned: James Galway, Gertrude Jekyll, Scepter’d Isle, Harlow Carr, Lousie Odier. Tied in Mortimer Sackler.

Loads of parsley, must remember to pick some next weekend, still so very dark in the evenings.

On this day, glorious sunshine – finally.

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