As much as we love being at home at the weekend, once in a while you have to make use of the lovely things London has to offer. Breakfast at the Wolseley is a real treat and we have made it a tradition to go one morning in December every year. The dining room is beyond gorgeous and the restaurant is great for lunch and dinner too, but I think breakfast is my favourite time to come here. There is something special about being up and about early on a weekend, arriving in Piccadilly way before any of the shops open and town is curiously quiet.

Must always start with one of their beautiful pastries, and some tea to go with it served from a vintage silver teapot.

Some of the teapot collection lined up. I love these so much, I have one at home and serving the morning tea from it makes breakfast time quite a refined affair. Seems to make it taste really good too. You can but them from the restaurant or, if you don’t mind polishing one up yourself, they are really easy to find on eBay or in antiques shops for a tenth of the price.

Write a Wolseley postcard and make your friends wish they were with you.

Until next time! The Wolseley is always my number one recommendation for anyone that asks where to go for a special meal in London. Just remember to book far in advance as it can be difficult to get a table.

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