This image from Alexander Hoyle stopped me in my tracks the other morning and I realised – I need some snowdrops in my life! What a joy it would be to have these beauties nodding along with the cold January winds we are having right now. And to go outside and pick a few stems to put in a glass on the bedside table…that would be lovely. So my first purchase for the garden this year will be snowdrops.

I know that apparently the best way to buy snowdrops is in the green and planting them just after their flowering time in mid winter. That means you need to order them right about now – perfect! But which ones to choose? Looking at the nurseries websites you quickly realise that these pretty but unassuming little plants are clearly a niche item. There are so many different ones, and some are real collectors items with price tags to match. £50 for one bulb! Who would have thought? Amazing. I think I will start off with the basics. 50 Galanthus Nivalis bulbs are on their way to Hackney and I can’t wait to welcome them into the garden.

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