On Saturday morning I stopped by at the most beautiful shop in London. Anyone that likes stationery absolutely must visit Choosing Keeping in Covent Garden when next in town. They sell the most gorgeous notebooks and papers, amazing pens from Japan and Germany, writing paper, notecards and lots of other beautiful things that you just have to pick up and take a closer look at.

One good thing about being a grown up is that you can buy your own Christmas presents. I got some very lovely gifts but no notebook so this was the reason for the visit. One big problem though – how on earth to choose just one out of hundreds of beautiful ones? I must have been deliberating for an hour before deciding. Here is the one I picked in the end. Very Little House on the Prairie. I really didn’t think I would go for anything brown – was thinking maybe something with a green spine. But this one was just so pretty and I love it.

When you buy a notebook or diary you get to choose a sticker label – so sweet!

The inside is pretty too.

A few other irresistible things. A print lined envelope, a beautiful lace detail note card, new ink cartridges for my fountain pen in the best true inky blue colour, a delicious ochre sealing wax stick and a floral wax seal stamp. Merry Christmas to me.

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