I know Christmas is over now but I’m old fashioned and I like to savour it for as long possible. These days most people seem to throw out their trees before New Year’s but we will stick with tradition and keep ours for a while longer – not quite until the 13th of January as custom says but definitely until next weekend.

Before I move on to thoughts of spring I wanted to do a round up of the best Christmas trees I have seen this year. How amazing is Instagram for tree inspiration! I’m sure I will look back at these images again next year to get myself in the mood. Here we go:

Starting with the most grand, Skye McAlpine’s. What a tree, it must be 4 metres tall, and what a setting. The pinks and greens…so gorgeous. Not a huge fan of the cold blue tree lights generally but I mean, just look at that room. I would want to sit there all day.

The one with the prettiest back drop – Charlotte-Anne Fidler’s tree. Makes me want to move to the countryside.

More English country looks at Amy Balfour’s house. Adore the delicate garland that runs along the beam.

Ribbons in the tree are clearly a thing. Gorgeous scene at Robin Lucas’. So inviting, I feel like this could be a set from Scrooge, the 1951 version with Alistair Sim. Such a good Christmas film by the way.

Ben Pentreath got the memo about the ribbons. Lots and lots of them. Love it.

Ginormous bows on a tiny tree. And a bottle of whisky underneath! This looks so young and fun. If you get invited to a Christmas party next year at Charlie Porter’s house, do say yes!

See what I mean about the ribbons? Sean Pritchard’s tree. Love the paper chains and little cones too. How about making all next year’s decorations out of this year’s wrapping? Now there’s an idea.

Johanna Bradford’s tree, because it has flags in it. Must get some flags for next year. So Scandinavian.

And lastly Eline Engen’s tree. Because it is really pretty but also because I am so intrigued by the decoration in the middle of the picture. Is it David Bowie as an angel? With a tinsel skirt? In any case, I want one.


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