So it turns out that when the garden chores are done for the season, it leaves a lot of time to do other things! Sunday was the first of December and the first of Advent which is something we celebrate in Sweden. It marks the beginning of the Christmas season and it is always such a joy when it finally comes around. We started the day with a lovely Advent breakfast before heading off to Columbia Road flower market.

The Christmas trees were out and I love seeing all the people on their way home struggling with trees on their shoulders or trying to squeeze them onto a bus. A little bit early for us to get a tree but I got some wreaths, tons of hyacinths (both bulbs and cut ones for instant scent), amaryllis and eucalyptus. The only thing I couldn’t get was poinsettias, it was so cold day that they would have shrivelled and died so none available at the market. Usually you can get them at a real bargain price from the market – fingers crossed they will have them next Sunday.

Better than any sweet shop! Gorgeous bauble display in of the shops along the market. Wanted to buy something but my arms were already full of flowers at this point so left without.

Next stop – the Approach Tavern for lunch. Nothing like a proper Sunday roast on a chilly day. We love this pub right next to Victoria Park and were happy to see their tree was up, so cosy!

And now I am enjoying the beautiful amaryllis bunch and the advent star in the window. A peaceful moment after a hectic day.

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